Five Years of Minimal Effort Halloween

Over the last five years, Minimal Effort has gone through hell and back. We have guided thousands of dancers into the darkest realms of dance music, and throughout that journey, we have had to dig deep inside our own hearts time and time again to remind ourselves why all the harrowing stress of planning parties is worth it.

More than worth it, actually. Because no matter how stressful it may be or how many challenges we face, every time we see the smiling faces on the dancefloor reacting to our favorite music on Earth, we know that this is what we are meant to do.

This year, Minimal Effort Halloween will celebrate its fifth anniversary in the city of Los Angeles. Our flagship event has brought some of the world’s best musicians to the stage to play for the community who has supported us since we first opened our doors. In recognition of the milestone, we wanted to take a trip back through time and show you just how far we’ve come:


There will always be something special and irreplaceable about a first event, and the first Minimal Effort Halloween was no different. Looking back we can’t believe how far we’ve come, but on that night we knew we would go that far. This intimate gathering deep in the warehouse district of Los Angeles showed us just how special the Los Angeles underground dance community is. Even though we didn’t have a lineup up to our current standards, Balcazar and Sordo provided an amazing soundtrack for a night that would end up launching something incredible.


This was the year we knew we had something special. Not only was it our first time at the Belasco, the venue that nurtured our growth unlike any other, but it was our first time hosting four rooms in a single event. Our goal was to give each room it’s own specific sonic identity. Some of the rooms we curated ourselves to make them distinct while imbuing them with our signature Underrated flavor. Other rooms we invited our good friends like Cooper Saver to host his own room under his ever-impressive Far Away brand. The sky was the limit after 2015, and we were going to continue giving this all we had.


In throwing events, just like in life, growth presents new challenges, and as Minimal Effort Halloween grew, we knew we wanted to deliver a different kind of experience. So, in 2016 we took Minimal Effort from day into night with yet another top-notch lineup. LA Center Studios only allowed for three stages, but each of those stages was running for ten hours nonstop and included a much wider variety of performances.

Coyu hosted his own Suara stage with sounds as diverse as the label’s extensive catalog. Tiga delivered a live performance seen only by a select few crowds, and we are so grateful our event was one of them. There is something so special about being under the stars as you dance, and it’s even more special when skyline of your favorite city is in view.


Another big year for Minimal Effort Halloween. Not just because of the lineup, venue, or any other concrete elements of the event, but because of what happened the night of. For most of the evening, we were confident this was the best party we ever put together. Damian Lazarus and Claptone were just two of the immensely talented artists who played. The production was our most in-depth to date.

We found a venue no one had used before that maintained an authentic rave atmosphere. Unfortunately, this was just after the tragedy of Ghost Ship, and the authenticity of the venue did not sit well with the authorities and they shut the gate midway through, citing safety concerns. Safety is our first priority so we complied. However, hundreds of ticket holders were still kept from attending and were rightfully very angry with us.

We wish things had gone differently, but looking back we’re also grateful because every promoter who is doing what we’re doing will face challenges. We went through those challenges and came out the other side stronger for it.


Coming off a difficult year of recovery after what happened Halloween 2017, 2018 reminded us why we weathered those difficulties. Simply put: we love the music. We love events. We love Los Angeles. It was so heartwarming to see we still had so many people in this community supporting our vision and supporting us.

We came back to the Belasco and it felt like a family reunion. So many artists who had played our events in the past were on the lineup like Audiofly and Butch, and so many of our friends who had been coming to our shows for years were in the crowd and on the decks. Plus we had Boys Noize as our headliner who demolished the main theater.



Which brings us to this year. We now are more experienced than ever at throwing events. We know what works and what doesn’t and this event is going to work. Bonobo is bringing his Outlier stage to Los Angeles for the first time for an exquisite evening of haunted beats.

Tickets for the Five Year Anniversary of Minimal Effort: All Hallow’s Eve ON SALE NOW.