Artist Spotlight: Prok | Fitch

Once in a while, an artist (or team of artists) enters the realm of house music and grabs everyone’s attention. Whether it be for their DJ sets, their tracks, or some other x-factor that’s not as easy to name, the artist (or again team of artists) slides into the scene and becomes and becomes a tastemaker without even trying.

Prok | Fitch are one of those teams, and it’s because of their tracks, their DJ sets, and an x-factor that takes the form of their chemistry together.

Anyone who has been at a house music set within the last five years has heard one of their tracks. It’s a fact. Prominent label heads including Coyu (Suara), Mark Knight (Toolroom), Green Velvet (Relief) and more have courted Ben (Prok) and James’ (Fitch) effortless, bass-heavy sound for their imprints. Velvet has even gone so far as to let them remix not one, but two of his decades-old dance-floor classics: “La La Land” and “Answering Machine”.

Now, these two gents are travelling back to Los Angeles for their first Halloween stateside at Minimal Effort: All Hallow’s Eve. Their music may not fit the standard, dark aesthetic of this spooky affair, but Halloween is also known for partying. Needless to say, James and Ben know how to party.

Read our interview with this dynamic duo where they cover everything from their studio process to their favorite Daft Punk tune.

HL: You’ve been playing in Los Angeles pretty consistently throughout your career. Usually stopping by at least once a year. How do you feel about playing here?

PF: Yeah, we’ve been lucky enough to have been spinning in LA for some time now across lots of different venues. It’s always a tour highlight for us, the diverse mix of people always creates a special vibe. Funnily enough, our relationship started with Green Velvet as a result of playing his Exchange Party, we wrote “Sheeple” within a week of meeting him and the rest is history.

HL: You’ve commonly mentioned that finding local food gems when you tour is something you guys love to do. Are there any gems in Los Angeles you recommend?

PF: It’s kind of an addiction for us, everything revolves around finding local places to eat, we’re lucky enough to travel frequently & have sampled some dishes that we’d never imagined existed. Last year we ate an awesome Korean bbq in LA, we ended up getting a little too involved with Soju so can’t recall the name of the place. If anyone has any good tips for Tacos we’d love to know.

HL: You’ve just remixed yet another of Green Velvets classic hits, “Answering Machine” which adds to your already extensive catalogue on Relief. How does it feel having the opportunity to put your spin on his tracks that have been around for decades?

PF: We still can’t believe the amount of work we do with Curtis & Relief. It’s quite a surreal experience when you get to work with someone that’s been such a huge inspiration for a long time and overtime a good mate. Relief’s became our go-to Label, there’s never any musical restrictions so we get the freedom to write whatever we’re into.

HL: I read that you always like to work on music in your studio in Brighton. With this in mind, how do you find the time to release so much music and tour as extensively as you do?

PF: Yeah fitting everything in as well as trying to balance family life is the toughest part of a touring DJ’s job. It’s vital that we get to spend time in the studio and work on new ideas, we release a fraction of the music we produce so its crucial to be getting inspiration and ideas whilst we’re on the road as well.

HL: In your years together you’ve had tracks on a collection of the most impressive labels in house. Relief, Suara, Repopulate Mars, Toolroom just to name a few. What’s one label you haven’t released on, but would like to in the future?

PF: We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the finest labels around, we’ve ticked pretty much every label ambition. The two that spring to mind that we haven’t yet achieved would be releasing on ‘Hot Creations” and an original vocal record on “Defected”.

HL: Summer 2019 is just about over. Looking back how was your festival season? What are your plans leading into the fall and winter now that the outdoor venues are mostly closed?

PF: It’s been a crazy summer for us, we’ve spent lots of time in North America as well as touring Europe extensively, festivals are always good fun, nothing beats the buzz of spinning outside in the sunshine. It’s really hard to pick a favourite but Parklife in Manchester (England) was amazing, as was our debut set @ Splash House in Palm Springs. This Fall & Winter sees our biggest North American tour to date, our team have been working extremely hard to get this sorted, we’re playing at some of our favourite venues worldwide as well some exciting new ones, absolutely buzzing to get this tour started.

HL: With the costumes and the dark aesthetic, Halloween shows always maintain a particular energy. What is your favorite memory of a Halloween show?

PF: We’re yet to play a Halloween party in America, so this will definitely be a new experience! Until recent years Halloween hasn’t been much of a big deal in the UK, we’ve got a lot of catching up top do. Naturally, we’re both excited to be getting fully involved, James usually only gets to wear his gimp mask in private, so he’s quite excited.

HL: You’ve stated in the past that Daft Punk are one of your biggest influences. If you could make an official remix of any Daft Punk track, which one would you choose and why?

PF: Da Funk 100%, don’t think we’ll ever hear a better bass line!

HL: Many of your tracks involve an excellent use of vocals. Are most of the vocals you use samples or do you bring in people to record them? What do you think makes a vocal proper for a house track?

PF: A mixture of both really, we love vocal records but have always found it extremely hard to find vocalists that we both click with and that are on the same musical vibe as us. Six months ago a mutual friend introduced us to a young London based vocalist, he’s called Kyozo & without doubt, our favourite vocalist we’ve ever worked with the chemistry in the studio is insane. We’ve written 7 tracks together so far and its probably the best music we’ve ever produced.

HL: What’s coming up in the future for you guys?

PF: Our debut release with Kyozo drops on Relief records on October 18th the first day of our North American tour, “Crave The Rave” is the clubbiest record we’ve produced with him, the dancefloor reactions & DJ Support have been insane. Up until that date, we’re spending pretty much every spare hour in the studio, productively we’re going through a great spell and can’t wait for you guys to hear what we’ve got in the pipeline.

Prok | Fitch are playing Minimal Effort All Hallow’s Eve on October 26 in DTLA. Get tickets HERE

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