4 Reasons To Spend Your Halloween at Minimal Effort All Hallow’s Eve

Halloween is a special time for dance music. There is no other holiday throughout the year that embodies the spirit of creeping darkness that fits the techno aesthetic oh so well. For an evening, dancers become ghosts and ghouls, risen from the dead for some celebratory frivolity. DJ’s become seers and shamans, casting musical spells to raise the dead and guide them through their limited time on Earth.

Minimal Effort and Halloween have gone hand in hand for years already, and we can’t wait to once again dance with the dead this weekend.  There will be thrills. There will be chills. There will be no shortage of first-rate spooky fun. Check the list below for just a few of the reasons we’re looking forward to Hallow’s Eve 2019.

1. Venue

In Los Angeles, there are dozens of dance music venues around the city, but there are a select few that fit perfectly in between the authenticity of the underground and the high standards of the music capital of the world. Lot 613 is one of those venues and this will be one of the first events hosted there following its recent remodel. We will not only take over the intimacy of the dance room which has hosted numerous techno stalwarts over the years, but we will also take over the surrounding area for an exquisite indoor-outdoor experience.

2. Locals

Every music scene in every city in the world is only as strong as its local community of artists. If there isn’t a series of young musicians creating an environment that welcomes creativity whilst challenging each other to push the scene forward there will be no desire to bring in the heavyweights. Los Angeles has one of the strongest music scenes on Earth and that extends to the locals as well.

We are so thrilled rising artists like Mary Droppinz, SOHMI, Michael Fam and more good friends of ours will be joining us for Halloween. If you’re coming to the show, make sure to get there on the earlier side to catch their sets!

3. Community

When it comes to Los Angeles, it’s not just the artists who support the music scene, it’s everyone. Everyone in LA understands that the people here are all trying so hard to make it work. This city is expensive, it’s large, it’s densely populated. If you want to have place here you have to show support for your fellow Angelenos, and we have seen the most heartfelt support from our community time and time again. Come to our event for the music and dancing, but stay because you will be surrounded by some of the beautiful souls this city has to offer.

4. Fifth Anniversary

This will be the fifth Minimal Effort we’ve hosted on Halloween in the city we love so much. It’s been a long and winding road, but we’re and we’re more passionate about throwing events than we ever have been before. We love the music. We love the culture. We love what we do. No matter how many challenges we face, whether they are in our control or not, seeing the smiling faces of people dancing our events washes away any inkling of doubt or disappointment. It’s our job to make people happy, and this event marks five years of us making people happy on Halloween.

Minimal Effort All Hallow’s Eve will take place on October 26 at 613 Imperial Street, Los Angeles CA. Get tickets HERE