Dance Your Way Into 2020 At The Elegant Los Angeles Theatre [Gallery]

Despite LA’s position as an artistic, technological, and culture powerhouse, there are areas of the city that are just now coming back to life. Hotels and boutiques which, in a past life, were teeming with excited tourists enjoying an escape in the sunshine or eager artists on the verge of their big break in Hollywood are now archaic remnants of a decadent past.

No other district of Los Angeles has fallen ill to this trend like Downtown. For years DTLA was nothing more than a borough of Windsor knots and financial jargon where people would mimic the life of a New Yorker from nine to five, walking a mere twenty steps from a subway station to the office before mirroring the process as they headed home to a more vibrant (and less filthy) part of town.

Now, after decades of decrepitness, that trend is shifting and DTLA is becoming a hot spot that is worthy of the city limits in which it lies. New owners are being established, remodels are occurring at a rapid rate, and one Los Angeles institution getting a 21st-century upgrade is The Los Angeles Theatre; where we will celebrate NYE at Minimal Effort.

The Los Angeles Theatre was originally constructed as a movie palace in the 1930s. Its architecture and interior design are threaded with the history of our great city, and in its newly refurbished state, will serve as the ultimate LA venue.

Not since it’s doors officially closed in 1994 has The Los Angeles Theatre hosted a music event of this scale. The recently lifeless halls will be filled with cutting edge dance music from worldwide artists, and of course, the most beautiful, sophisticated and welcoming members of the irreplaceable Los Angeles dance music community.

View the photos below and imagine yourself having the best NYE of your life in there because before long you will be doing just that.

Tickets for Minimal Effort NYE are on sale now. TICKETS AND TABLES AVAILABLE HERE